Placement Test for Korean Class

In the previous post, I’d mentioned that I want to spend more time doing something more meaningful and productive so I planned to attend Korean class from now. Yeap, finally a proper Korean class after that one semester I had during Year1 of uni days. This time with my self earned money. (荷包君在淌血)

Had searched for a few Korean Language School before i decide to enroll with this one. The fees for all the schools are about the same. Its less than $50 in difference. And the one that I finally chosen, is the school with the most expensive fee -.-

I know what you’re gonna say, before you say anything, let me explain why did I choose this one. The website is easy to navigate, simple and clear, and have all the information that I need before I email or call for inquiry. I can find all the answers I want from their website. They also have photos of their classrooms there. Not too many people, clean and nice. That’s my first impression.

I finally enrolled with Sejong Korean Language School.



See !! Don’t you think their website is super clean and clear cut ?!?!  Even the name also more “relevant” LOL. I’m not saying the other school name is irrelevant, but just fyi, “King Sejong the Great” was the fourth king of Joseon Dynasty in Korea and he is the one who created the Korean language, which is 한글 (Hangul).

Main reason I enrolled with SKLS:
1. They have classes on Sunday.
2. The teachers are Koreans who can speak proper English/Mandarin.
3. They prepare their students for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)

I need weekend or Sunday class because of my work. Most of the classes provided in other language schools are on weekdays, evening. I work until 6pm so most of the time I am not able to make it for classes. Secondly, I prefer a native Korean speaker than non-Korean who can speak Korean.

I registered myself for Beginner 1 Term 1 and sent them and email requesting for a placement test. A placement test is to test on your level of knowledge so they can place you in classes that suits you the most. Yes, classes are conducted with students who are at almost the same level.

They ask me for some information and decide which test should I take.


Don’t be shy and just answer them honestly, so they can arrange the test that suits your level. I went for placement test on Monday after work. The staff brought me to a smaller classroom, pass me the test sheet, and she left. This test sheet is for Beginner 2 Term 1.

There are 4 levels for Beginner:
-.Beginner 1 Term 1
– Beginner 1 Term 2
– Beginner 2 Term 1
– Beginner 2 Term 2

I skipped B1T1 and B1T2 because its about learning from the super basic scratch. I learnt how to read quite long ago so I do not want to waste my time learning how to read all over again.


The test consists of a few section.
A. Fill in the blank with correct 5W1H.
B. Rearrange the conversation in correct order.
D. Change the term to correct form and fill in the blank
E. Short Essay about your family.

I think I did Section A and B quite well. Section C was hard for me as I am really not familiar with Korean grammar. Their grammar is different from Malay or Chinese or English. They have their own ways so it is not really easy to understand.

Section D was horrible. I did it super badly ok. First thing is that I didn’t realize that I have to change the term to correct form so I didn’t change. This already make me lost all marks in this section. Section D carried 30 marks. I lost all. Second, even if I know that I have to change to the correct form, but, I don’t know what is the correct form.

Section E was essay. I am surprised that I got 21 marks out of 25. I totally did not expect that. I thought I can only get  maximum of 18. Scored 60 out of 100 for this placement test. I guess this is the best I can do already 😦 After the test, they decide to place me in class for B2T1 instead of B1T1 that I had initially registered for.

I’m happy and excited for the first class, but at the same time I am stressed too. The fee is really not cheap and I hope I can cope with the class. I also wish to take the TOPIK test for Level1 in October? I hope I can make it lehhhhhhhh 講真的 !!!! Was telling my friend who are also learning Korean that we should get TOPIK Level6 before 30, but that seems a bit hard lololol! We’ll see how !!!

Till then! Will update again after I attend the class 🙂

Placement Test for Korean Class