Unpleasant experience at SG Checkpoint


So this is my first English post in here. Although I seldom blog in English, but I thought even when I do, it will at least it would be a memorable post, but I didn’t expect it to be “memorable” in this way. Warning, this is a long ass not that long word post with no photos. I will try my best to avoid vulgar words LOL.

I went to Singapore two days ago, my mood was really good until I encountered a rude behavior by the immigration officer. I was at Woodlands Checkpoint queuing at the “All Passport” lane waiting for my turn to get my passport scanned and stamped to come back to Malaysia.

The situation was like this. It was my turn so I went in front of the counter when the transparent auto-gate was opened, and then I passed to the officer my passport. However, this female officer reopened the auto-gate and asked me to go outside the gate and read what was written on the white notice board. It was written “remove passport cover.” (not so short but in a formal and polite way).

I understand that it was my fault for not removing my passport cover but all these while, so many times I had been to Singapore, so many times I had passed by the custom counter, none of the immigration officers had asked me to remove my passport and there were no problem scanning my passport, so I thought it was okay, the thin transparent passport cover does not affect the scanning. Besides that, my aunt was queuing in front me of at the same lane, however, this female officer was really polite to my aunt and did not asked her to remove her passport cover.

This female officer then started lecturing me (when there were so many people queuing). She said “have you read what was written on it?” and I said “yes.” And she said “And then? Why are you not looking at me when I am talking to you?” Erm? Hello? What should I do when she was holding my passport and asked “and then?”. Please advice me.

I know I was at fault for not removing my passport cover at the beginning, but, I believe there is a more polite and better way to tell me to remove it next time. I wouldn’t mind even if she ask me to remove on the spot, but in a polite way. Asking me to go out of the gate to read the notice and asked me “and then?”, it was so rude.

What made me felt angry the most was what she said later. She said “You are at fault but why you started showing face. If you are not happy with me, please write in!” Yes, she said PLEASE WRITE IN. I didn’t really bother to layan her until she said that. So I really write in a complain letter about her #sorrynotsorry

Wait, that is not the end, yet. Next, instead of checking identity by saying “Jessica?” (they called name to check how fast you react to the name to check if you fake your identity or not), she looked at my passport and asked “what is your name?” She continued mumbling and finally stamped on my passport. Before I went out from another side of the gate, she raised her voice and said “It is not because you are young that’s why I am scolding you! Wah! ONE NINE NINE THREE!” Yeap, she addressed me as “one nine nine three”.

Do I look like I don’t have a name? How rude is it for an immigration officer to address a foreigner/tourist by their year of birth? (i mean how can they NOT address them by name?) Even though sometimes the other officers might not smile at us, but at least they showed their professionalism. They don’t simply raise their voice to others. I seriously have not encounter any officers acting as rude as her.

This female officer probably was on her PMS (i guess) and don’t understand that I was pissed not because I think I was not at fault, but her rude attitude. I think the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) should beware of the words their officers are using in an immigration counter. A person working in an immigration should also understand that they are not representing themselves as an individual, but a country. Immigration officers are the first person you see when you enter a country. They have to be polite for foreigners/tourists to have a good impression towards (nationality).

Unpleasant experience at SG Checkpoint