In my previous entry(新鮮人求職奮鬥記)I’d mentioned that two companies that I went for interview in KL actually shortlisted me, but I rejected the offers from both the companies. Why?

The two companies were Invention Marketing Group and Pacific Asiawide Group.

Invention Marketing Group
Level 24. 24 01-02, Wisma Goldhill,
Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur,

Pacific Asiawide Group
Suite 9-2nd Floor,
The Boulevard Building of Offices,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

I saw their posts on Jobstreet saying that they’re looking for vacancies for “Event Executive (Marketing Department)”, thinking that the job scope wouldn’t be much different from what I learned in class and what I did during internship, so I decided to give it a try and applied through Jobstreet, They replied me in a few days and asked me to go for an interview. That was the reason why I went all the way to KL in the beginning of September. Some people probably saw me in uni during that time.

So yeap, the first interview I went was with Invention. I remembered it was a Tuesday. The interview was just simple, and short. It was literally SIMPLE AND SHORT, probably just 5 minutes. Basically the interviewer just asked me about what I studied and my experiences in planning and organizing events. That’s all. She told me that her supervisor was not around and informed me to go for another around of interview on Thursday, morning, 8am. Heck, I was staying at Sunway area and you asked me to reach your office in KL at 8am. THUMB DOWN >__>

I went Midvalley for an interview with Pacific Asiawide. The staff showed me their company magazine while I was waiting for my turn. I realized that their company magazine was kind of similar with Invention’s. So I thought, maybe they’re two companies under one big organisation. Same as what happened in Invention, the interviewer just asked me about what I studied and my experiences, and asked me to go for another round of interview, too, on Friday.

I woke up at 6am and reached the office around 7.45am omg ~__~ Walau damn early ok. I joined their “morning meeting”, it was, very energetic, and encouraging. After the “morning meeting”, the lady who interviewed me two days ago explained to me about the entire company, in depth. From how the company established to what were each and every of the staffs in the office doing right . at . that . moment. It might sounds like a joke, but, this around of “explanation” took around 3 hours. YES, 3 HOURS.

I went to Pacific again this morning. Oh by the way, I received call from Invention when I was on my way to Pacific, saying that I was shortlisted for the position, but anyway I still went for the second interview with Pacific. So one of the staff from Pacific started explained to me how the company works. It is actually the exact same thing as Invention. Both of the companies are under the same organisation, doing the same thing. The only different thing is the company name. But I have to say that the staff in Invention has a better explanation skill, lol. I wouldn’t understand a single thing if I didn’t go to Invention a day earlier. The explanation skill of the staff from Pacific was pure bad. I wouldn’t say I speak English fluently but hers was worse. She can’t even understand what I was trying to ask (have to buat tak tau a bit ma) even when I talked to her in Mandarin. Not sure if my speaking skill is bad, or her understanding skill -.- So after her super-content-less explanation, her supervisor accept me directly, on the spot.

Why I rejected both companies
I only really got to know what is this company doing when Invention explained to me. Not sure if any of you heard about it, but Invention AND Pacific are companies under APPCO. Appco is more to a direct sales kind of organisation. Their clients are mostly NGOs, banks, and telco companies. Basically the staffs in the companies are doing direct sales, not “event executive” as it mentioned. They go to a place, set up a booth, and start approaching people. Sometimes in a mall, sometimes in front of a bank, sometimes door-to-door.

This is not the job that I want. “Event executive” sounds glorious, but what you do is nothing different from “salesman”. I think anyone who graduate from secondary school can work as a salesman/saleswoman. Besides, there is no basic salary given. It is a 100% performance based job, which means, if I didn’t get any in sales that week, for the whole week I have to eat grass. (Yep, they pay on weekly basis).

I think 100% performance job is quite risky. But that is not the main reason I rejected both companies. The main reason why I rejected is because these companies does not provide SOCSO (Social Security Organisation) and EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund). I believe everyone (well, at least everyone in Malaysia) knows the importance of SOCSO and EPF I don’t think I have to elaborate on this part la hor?

I see they are constantly looking for vacancies, always looking for immediate starter, I guess this shows that their staffs come and go fast. I believe one of the reason most people joined the company without knowing more is because the companies use “travel opportunity” to attract fresh grads, they basically “brain washed” you with the “advantages” of joining the company. (That’s why the explanation took 3 hours) Besides, the figures that they showed you (when they were calculating around how much you can earn in a month) is really, not bad. Around RM2.5k and above depends on how many sales you get.

There were comments on forums saying that Appco (and all the companies under Appco across the world) is a fraud or scam. Click 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 for more.  I won’t say it is a bad company. I won’t say it is a scam la, if you understand their job scope, and if you’re happy with it, just go ahead. If you’re really good in doing sales, then you can probably earn a lot.

As desperate (lol) as I want to get a job outside hometown, as much as I want to leave home, I still turned down the job offered. Don’t accept right away when any company accepted you. Always keep in mind that it is not just the company who choose us, we have the right to choose company that suit us too.







找著之前為實習時期寫的履歷,修改了一些些,打開各種征聘網站,看到的幾乎都是寫著要至少一至兩年的工作經驗。這些公司都要有工作經驗的,但是如果沒有公司願意聘請大學畢業新鮮人,那要去哪裡找工作經驗啦 !!!!! 所以不管 !!!!! 覺得適合的 還不錯的就發了履歷表。(真的不要看工作寫要工作經驗的就打退堂鼓,如果你的履歷和自傳寫得不錯,其實很多公司還是願意讓大學畢業新鮮人試一試的)(當然如果他征聘個需要幾年工作經驗的經理,那你就別浪費時間了吧)鋪天蓋地地發了履歷,寄出履歷后滿心期待,漫長的等待,失望的無奈,最後等到的卻是石沉大海。難得有幾封回應,就會覺得特開心。


我 從畢業後 從開始上大學就一直不想要住家裡。不是家裡不好 (對啦,就是家裡不好啦!) 我比較喜歡擁有自己一個人的小空間,我喜歡窩在自己的房間做事,而在家我沒有這種自由。在家我總覺得我沒有自己的空間沒有自己的隱私沒有自己的自由,雖然是家人,但是沒有必要做什麼事都要在媽媽的眼皮下吧?誒 拜託 我22歲了不是2歲好嗎 >__> 誰喜歡這種一舉一動被監視的感覺 ==


我去KL面世也去了幾次,但是每一次都貢龜。這樣馬六甲——吉隆坡幾趟來來回回,還住在廉價旅館,連續幾次這樣下來,老實說了花了不少錢啊 >< 其實最後有被兩間公司錄取,但是基於種種原因,as much as I want a job,as much as I want to leave home,我還是拒絕了這兩家公司。原因點這裡】

我不是土豪家庭,沒有土豪老爸老媽養我,雖然面試到一個境界的時候,當你看到面試邀請函還會不自覺發出一種 “蛤~~~~又要去面了哦?”的這種心態。唉,我的22k什麼時候才會進口袋啊 ╮(╯﹏╰)╭

其實,社會新鮮人有新鮮人的優勢,有工作經驗的也有有工作經驗的優點。一些公司只想要僱用有工作經驗的人,也一定有公司會喜歡剛出社會的大學畢業生。總之呢,履歷就是不斷投,面試就是要一直去,until you get a job。當然有一些小細節不可忽視。比如回復各公司的信件不要隔太久,面試當天也要穿的得體,不要遲到等等。這些基本的都能讓公司看出你個人的責任心。

每一次去面試,最討厭的問題除了 “自我介紹” 之外,就屬面試結束前的最後一個問題,“你還與什麼問題嗎?” 我有看過一篇文章說,自我介紹最好介於60-90秒之間,內容也一樣要快狠準!在這60-90秒這內,你要告訴公司的主管你的姓名年齡學校和科系還有工作經驗。沒有工作經驗的就說說實習的時候都做了什麼。至於最後一個 “你還有什麼問題嗎?”的這個問題,雖然有時候不想回答“沒有”,但是真的就沒有嘛!後來我也是看了網上的文章,在這個環節可以問 “在我應征的這個職位,怎樣才算是做得非常好?” 主管通常會回答你對於這個職位的期許。那樣以後如果被選中了,你也可以一主管說過的話當目標,朝那個方向邁進。