Probably the most free-and-easy year in my life I welcomed 2015 by starting my internship and met Grace, Christine, Fam, and Candy. Although I don’t really contact with y’all after I left but I still remember each and every of you. I never delete your phone number in my contact ok!

Next I met one of my favorite Chinese singer 曾沛慈 and manage to take photo with her! Thank you Wenyi for the pass, and I believe your album are still with Danqin? and oh thank you Dan Qin for fetching me here and there! heart emoticon

Traveled to Hokkaido in April after I ended my internship and that was the first “far away overseas” travel after my Taiwan trip in 2010. Japan is great and I hope to travel to Japan again

Attended my convocation in May! Blessed to have the high school mates (Catherine, Jia Wei, Jia Lin, Sophia, Yuh Shen, Chiew Nee) and kpop dongsaengs (Yi Wen, Tiffany, Donny, Xuan, Wee Ven) to attend my convo! Of course not to forget my parents and cousins who traveled from Melaka and Johor to attend my convo and be my photographer of the day! btw, thanks to Dan Qin, i definitely had the most memorable yolo pre-convo day LOLOL

Spent my 22nd birthday in Singapore and that’s the most hectic and tiring birthday in my life.

After that it was a long break and I had went back and forth to KL and Singapore for numerous times for job interviews. I went KL and Singapore almost every month and constantly meet up with friends. Thank you Sherry for welcoming me to stay with you for a week despite having a single bed lololol i’m sorry but I love you k (and i’m still amazed that we can actually become “quite ok de friend” irl after knowing each other on the web for few years LOL) and thank you Charmaine for helping to carry the pillows and bolster when I first came to Singapore! HAHAHAHA and also always bringing me out (although sometimes you went the wrong direction)

So many wonderful things happened in 2015. Wan Wei, Wei Wen, Lucas, Celene, Vicky, Carmen, Celia, Gladys, Joyce, Shi Ting… and the list goes on. You may not be in the picture not your name is not listed, but I’m really blessed to have all these people in my life to make my 2015 a really wonderful one.