Placement Test for Korean Class

In the previous post, I’d mentioned that I want to spend more time doing something more meaningful and productive so I planned to attend Korean class from now. Yeap, finally a proper Korean class after that one semester I had during Year1 of uni days. This time with my self earned money. (荷包君在淌血)

Had searched for a few Korean Language School before i decide to enroll with this one. The fees for all the schools are about the same. Its less than $50 in difference. And the one that I finally chosen, is the school with the most expensive fee -.-

I know what you’re gonna say, before you say anything, let me explain why did I choose this one. The website is easy to navigate, simple and clear, and have all the information that I need before I email or call for inquiry. I can find all the answers I want from their website. They also have photos of their classrooms there. Not too many people, clean and nice. That’s my first impression.

I finally enrolled with Sejong Korean Language School.



See !! Don’t you think their website is super clean and clear cut ?!?!  Even the name also more “relevant” LOL. I’m not saying the other school name is irrelevant, but just fyi, “King Sejong the Great” was the fourth king of Joseon Dynasty in Korea and he is the one who created the Korean language, which is 한글 (Hangul).

Main reason I enrolled with SKLS:
1. They have classes on Sunday.
2. The teachers are Koreans who can speak proper English/Mandarin.
3. They prepare their students for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)

I need weekend or Sunday class because of my work. Most of the classes provided in other language schools are on weekdays, evening. I work until 6pm so most of the time I am not able to make it for classes. Secondly, I prefer a native Korean speaker than non-Korean who can speak Korean.

I registered myself for Beginner 1 Term 1 and sent them and email requesting for a placement test. A placement test is to test on your level of knowledge so they can place you in classes that suits you the most. Yes, classes are conducted with students who are at almost the same level.

They ask me for some information and decide which test should I take.


Don’t be shy and just answer them honestly, so they can arrange the test that suits your level. I went for placement test on Monday after work. The staff brought me to a smaller classroom, pass me the test sheet, and she left. This test sheet is for Beginner 2 Term 1.

There are 4 levels for Beginner:
-.Beginner 1 Term 1
– Beginner 1 Term 2
– Beginner 2 Term 1
– Beginner 2 Term 2

I skipped B1T1 and B1T2 because its about learning from the super basic scratch. I learnt how to read quite long ago so I do not want to waste my time learning how to read all over again.


The test consists of a few section.
A. Fill in the blank with correct 5W1H.
B. Rearrange the conversation in correct order.
D. Change the term to correct form and fill in the blank
E. Short Essay about your family.

I think I did Section A and B quite well. Section C was hard for me as I am really not familiar with Korean grammar. Their grammar is different from Malay or Chinese or English. They have their own ways so it is not really easy to understand.

Section D was horrible. I did it super badly ok. First thing is that I didn’t realize that I have to change the term to correct form so I didn’t change. This already make me lost all marks in this section. Section D carried 30 marks. I lost all. Second, even if I know that I have to change to the correct form, but, I don’t know what is the correct form.

Section E was essay. I am surprised that I got 21 marks out of 25. I totally did not expect that. I thought I can only get  maximum of 18. Scored 60 out of 100 for this placement test. I guess this is the best I can do already 😦 After the test, they decide to place me in class for B2T1 instead of B1T1 that I had initially registered for.

I’m happy and excited for the first class, but at the same time I am stressed too. The fee is really not cheap and I hope I can cope with the class. I also wish to take the TOPIK test for Level1 in October? I hope I can make it lehhhhhhhh 講真的 !!!! Was telling my friend who are also learning Korean that we should get TOPIK Level6 before 30, but that seems a bit hard lololol! We’ll see how !!!

Till then! Will update again after I attend the class 🙂

Placement Test for Korean Class

​Thoughts Of Being A Kpop Fan For 10 Years And What I Gained In This 10 Years

To be real honest, I’m really amazed by myself for being a kpop fan for ten years. That’s like almost half of my life (as of today LOL). It has been a decade omg.

I started to know about kpop since 2005 or 2006 I guess. Back then there were ten times MUCH LESSER groups. The hit group was only TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki / 동방신기 / 東方神起). You see every schools have their own group of “TVXQ dance group”. The hit song was Rising Sun.

This was way before Sorry Sorry, Nobody, and Gee released. Not many people knows about kpop back then. I don’t think this “kpop” term even exist in 2006.

I started to be a kpop fan in 2007, when my all-time-favorite kpop boy band debut. Note, BOY BAND, not a boy dance group. They are FTISLAND. I believe friends who know me since secondary school or uni days would know how much I love them lol but if you don’t know who are they it’s okay, they are not mainstream boy band now lolol.

2007 was the year when Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and KARA debut. The good WonSoKa days. That was the time where kpop were spread to more places. More people from all over the world started to know about Kpop. All the shops in the malls were blasting “I want nobody nobody but you” and in 2008 or 2009 the shops started to blast “Sorry Sorry” and “Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby“. Even until now, I still hear shops playing Nobody, Gee and Sorry Sorry.

When kpop was not popular, those artistes don’t even have an official Facebook page. They started with things like Me2day. Me2day is something like China’s Weibo. Mainly only Koreans are using it. And it took me so long to translate word by word to registered for an account. (Seriously those who knows about Me2day are as old as me. Me2day shut down a few years back probably due to the rise of all kinds of social media)

After that we see artistes slowly created their own twitter account and be super excited about it. And then company set up an official Facebook page for them. Official YouTube channel. Talking about YouTube, back then there is no such thing as HD. Most of the videos released before 2010 were all 480P THE HIGHEST.

Yes, so as a Kpop fan for 10 years, what is my thought in this 10 years?

Ask: How to maintain as a fan of FTISLAND for 10 years?

To be real honest, I have no idea. Because I’m already a fan, so each time when they comeback with new album, I will still listen to them. Of course, in the past ten years, I do (or I did) got attracted by other groups too. SHINee, Girls’ Generation, f(x), CNBLUE, KARA, Girl’s Day etc etc etc. But feels. The feels is different. To me, if I didn’t start to be a fan of a group since they debut. No matter how much I love the group, it will never be the same feel as compared to group that you stan since their debut days. I guess that’s what makes me a fan of FTISLAND, until today.


Ask: Do you stan any other groups?

Yes, I do. AOA (Ace of Angels) and SF9 (Sensational Feeling 9). AOA is a 7 person girl group and SF9, a 9 person boy group. These 2 groups are also under the same company as FTISLAND, which is FNC Entertainment. If FTISLAND is the first boy band that debut under FNC Ent, then AOA and SF9 are the first girl group and the first boy group. Well, I guess I owed the CEO of FNC Ent some money in my past life so now he is back with these 3 groups sucking my money. LOL. Joking. But you get what I mean.


Ask: Have you met any of them or attend any of their concert/fanmeeting?

A yes, and no. Yes for FTISLAND. I attended their fanmeeting and concert in Malaysia on 2012. And also, just two weeks ago, I attended their concert in Singapore. No for AOA and SF9. Thought of attending AOA’s first ever concert in Seoul in March 2017, but the date is too near to my Japan trip 😦 Well it’s ok. Next time.


Ask: Why you like them so much? It’s not like they know who are you.

Erm, ask yourself? Do your favorite artiste knows your existence? If yes, congrats. It means you attends many events. If no, then please read the question again 🙂


Ask: Do you understand Korean? Why are you listening to Korean why you don’t understand?

I do not understand a single thing. I probably only understand “Saranghaeyo, means I Love You” because of JJ Lin’s song. Me, same with each and every kpop fans who started to know about kpop during that 2007-2009 era. We want to get to know more about our idol. What they said, what they tweet, what the posted. And not to forgot, to know how to sing their Korean songs.

I was only 14 when FTISLAND debut in 2007, not much resource to learn Korean when I can’t even go online anytime I want. Only started to learn when I was 16 or 17 I guess. How? Look for the list of Korean vocals and consonant sheet, and then memorize. The best way to remember all the vocals and consonant is to learn to write your oppa’s name and to romanized the lyrics. Slowly combine and read one by one. Before you even bother to know what does it means, just focus on how to read first.

The “reading” is actually not that hard. It is like malay where you combine the “suku kata” and just read it. If you can remember the vowels and consonant, then reading shouldn’t be a problem already, minus some exceptional pronunciation, you can still read 85% of it.


Ask: Can you fully understand Korean now?

Of course, NO. Maybe only 30%. Self learning is not really an effective way to me. When you don’t understand the grammar but there is no one you can ask. Korean grammar is not like English or Chinese or Malay, they have their own ways. Freaking hard. I personally think that my vocab is not bad, but forming sentences is damn horrible, that’s why even until now, I can understand some simple conversation but I don’t know how to reply.

Do read my friend’s post about self-learning Korean HERE 🙂


Ask: What are the other things you gained as a kpop fan?

A stronger heart? LOL. Korean medias are always like this. They will report about dating scandals of 2 popular artistes, to cover up their politics scandal. Dispatch media did it best. Every time when Dispatch reported about a new couple, fans are hoping it will not be their favorite artiste, because Dispatch’s report is always right and accurate LMAO. (Their most failed report was Lee Jong Suk – Park Shin Hye because both of them denied lol)

Artiste dating is one thing, there’s also thing like fanwar. Fanwar is the most horrible thing ever. (roll eyes) There are a few fandoms who are very horribly behave and they are also very popular in creating fanwar. They can fight for the most ridiculous thing. For example: selca of 2 idols of different groups. I used to hate some fandom too (aiya 誰沒有過去) but now I’m like ?!?!?! Just FTS 老娘 don’t have time for these childish war -.-

Member quitting group and/or adding a new member to the group also train the fans to have a stronger heart. So many groups out there had a change of member before, including FTISLAND and AOA. How to not have a strong heart you tell me? 강심장 it is!

Other than a stronger heart, of course I do make friends with kpop fans and meet great people in life. I joined K-Gen because of Kpop and I had good 3 years of uni life with the K-Genians. Friend that I know online when I was 17, now in Taylor’s as my juniors. 3 friends from Penang whom I went FTISLAND concert with, are now all working in Singapore and we just met up a few hours ago. 1 Taiwan kpop friend that i know, happened to be my friend’s senior when she went study in Taiwan. Another kpop fan that I know, have a friend that was in the same class with me during uni days. The travel partners to Taiwan and Japan, are kpop fans too. How small can the world be?


Ask: Are you going to attend Korean class?

Yes, of course. But Korean class in Singapore is really not cheap, in fact it is freaking expensive laaaa !!! But I think I should spend more time (and money at the same time) doing sometime more productive and meaningful rather than rotting in my bed during my off day (although sometimes, you know, it is damn 幸福 to have time to rot in the bed all day err day !!! 너무 행복해 !!)

Thinking that Korean is my all time favorite foreign language. I really want to master it. Yes, it is a long way to go. But I wish to go as far as I can. At least to the point where I can watch dramas and variety shows without subtitle. The feeling of being able to understand a foreign language without subtitle is incredible.

​Thoughts Of Being A Kpop Fan For 10 Years And What I Gained In This 10 Years

#JslywSGlife 1 – Review

Its November now, 2016 is ending in less than 60 days. What I’ve done in 2016? Nah ok I shall leave this topic till the last day of 2016 ok hehe. I need to get this post to be posted by the last day of 2016. I hope lah ok XD (Ok obviously I failed because it’s the 1st of January 2017 today and I am still typing)

Its November now, which means that it has been a year since i started working in Singapore. ONE YEAR. Mygoddddd time really flies! I still remembered a year ago I came back and forth from Melaka-SG / Melaka-KL for interviews, and then after  I was accepted by this company, another round of travelling back and forth from Melaka-SG / Johor-SG for signing acceptance form, medical checkup, applying for work permit, looking for rooms etc. It is really tiring, but after all, its all worth it.

The main reason for this post is about how to get a work permit (not really) in Singapore, how to find a room with good owner, how to adapt to Singapore’s lifestyle, and some of the “culture shock” i’d experienced in this one year. (Note: all topics below is just my experience and opinion, you do not have to agree with me.)


1. How do you find your job?

I get this question a lot. The truth is, I actually found it on Jobstreet. I did not choose much since it’s my first job after graduate. No experience, fresh grad. So instead of insist to work in the event field, I also searched for customer service and administration job. Just search for all vacancy. But on Jobstreet I think the employer can see who you sent your resume to. So instead of sending  resume to company through Jobstreet, you can go to companies’ website to look for their contactable email and send your resume using your email.

Unless your resume and skill are really really good, if not then just keep sending. I would say out of the 60 resumes that you sent, you only get maybe 10 replies. 7 are telling you they don’t hire foreigners (because some job never states “for Singaporean/PR only) and only 3 will schedule an interview with you. SO JUST SEND LA! After i-dont-even-know-how-many-times of trying, and then i got this job.


2. Looking for house/room

There are lots of ways to look for rooms online. iBilik and all. You can get all kinds of result when you search. Also, there are lots of room renting info groups on facebook. Just join those groups and contact the owner of the room. Here are 2 groups that i am in. Find Your Room In SG / 新加坡租屋租房 Room & Unit Rent Singapore

Most of the time, rental for single room will be higher. Try to look for rental that includes everything (water and electric bill, wifi etc). It will be much easier to pay just once every month. Counting and dividing bill can be really troublesome sometimes, especially when you are not the only tenant, and also when you have bloody hell calculative owner/housemate. (Personal experience when I rent a room at PJS7)

I’m that kind of people who don’t like to social when I’m at home lololol (probably cos i’m the only child and i really used to staying in room 24/7) so I’m renting a single room here in Singapore. What’s the best is that, I AM THE ONLY TENANT. Nope I don’t own the entire unit la my house owner stays here too.

Ok, talking about the convenience now. If possible, you may wanna take bus to work, because the crowd at MRT station during peak hour is horrible. How to know which bus stops at the bus stop nearest to your office? Go check the bus stop code or bus stop name. Each bus stop have a code and name. After that, go back to the bus stop nearest to your house, check the list of bus stops that different buses stop.

(the paragraph below sounds a bit like tongue twister, i’m sorry, pardon my english. Lol)

I wait for bus every morning at the bus stop in front of my block, and the bus i’m taking stops at the bus stop right in front of my office. When I end work I will have to cross the road to go to the bus stop opposite to my office building to take the bus home. Same route, same bus number, just opposite direction. Bus stop name usually be like “Block 123” and the opposite one will be “Opp Block 123”.


3. Work permit, medical check up, bank account

To be very honest, I don’t really know how to apply for all these, because after the company accepted me, they did literally everything for me. I think it is not up to you to choose which pass to apply, your company will apply for you based on your salary. Higher pay, higher “level” of pass, more convenient, more benefits.

Firstly, you will have to go for medical check up. If i am not mistaken, foreigners have to go for medical check up at Tanjong Pagar. I am not sure whether all foreign workers have to go there, or is it based on company. But i did mine at there.

Around a few days or one week after medical check up, you have to go to the same place to collect your result, and pass it to yout company’s HR department. (Some company will get the clinic to send it to the company straight away, i dont know why mine don’t -.-)

After medical check up result submitted to company, company will issue a letter to you. You have to bring that letter to go to MOM (Ministry of Manpower). You go there to take picture of your work permit / S pass. After taking picture, MOM will then issue you a letter, the letter works as your “temporary work permit”. Meaning if you have that letter, you don’t have to fill in Disembarkation Card (aka “white card”) when you go in and out of Singapore. Instead of queuing with tourists at immigration counter, you can also go to auto-lane to scan your passport and there you go!

I have no idea on how to apply for bank account because the company really did literally everything for me. All i have to do is to go to that specific branch to collect your ATM/Debit card. For mine, it’s POSB Branch at Kaki Bukit. My god that’s the most ulu place I’ve been to in my one year life in Singapore. It is located at a hidden industrial area. After taking MRT, have to take bus. After alighted at the nearest bus stop, need to walk somemore walao -.- I suggest you guys to take cab there just in case you lost. IT IS REALLY HIDDEN. Work permit holders have to collect their bank card AT THAT BRANCH ONLY so no choice lor have to go ~___~


4. Singapore’s Lifestyle

I need to emphasize again. All these below are my personal opinion. You don’t have to agree with me. Please don’t come and tell me I am wrong when we don’t share the same opinion. Only tell me I am wrong if I am really wrong 好嗎~~~

Idk, but I feel like most of their our time are wasted on queuing and waiting, for literally everything. Queue for bus, queue for MRT, queue for food, queuing for iPhone. These 3 things basically sums up our life here. If you decide to go to a mall (to do your grocery, to get something, whatever) after work on a weekday to avoid crowd, you are wrong! The mall is crowded almost everyday. Especially during peak hours.

Is it because most of the working adults here don’t cook at home? So they decided to have their dinner in the mall (most of the MRT stations are connected to shopping mall). I really have no idea why is this, but I see almost every of the restaurants in the mall are crowded with humans. Omg 我怕怕!Its even worse on weekend. The crowd is really people mountain people sea 人山人海水泄不通 my god ._.

Another one, most people here (I mean people who are staying in Singapore, not just Singaporean. There are lots of non-Singaporean who stays in Singapore, including myself) are really 低頭族. Their eye are on their phone no matter what are they doing.

I’m totally fine if you’re in phone when you’re in the bus, in the train, waiting for bus, waiting for train, eating alone. Whatever, I am fine. BUT, BUT, they also on their phone, playing games or even watching drama, WHILE WALKING.

Erm hello? Cannot walk properly? I really don’t care if you wanna play games or watch drama while walking, but at least, don’t walk at tortoise speed at the center of the road. Please.

You have to drive at the left lane if you’re not going fast. So why are you at the center when you’re walking so slow? I don’t care where do you come from, but people behave like this really need to reflect a bit, regardless your nationality. This is not about nationality anymore but behavior at the public.


5. Culture Shock

Firstly, the food.

I am talking about food in the hawker center, not cafes. Most of their food that-supposed-to-be-salty are sweet. I am not saying that their Wan Tan Mee taste like sugar, but instead of using soy sauce (or kicap / “jiu-cheng” / 酱清), most of the time they used the black sauce (kicap pekat / “orh-tau-yu” / 黑酱油), the one that looks damn thick and pekat (ok thick is pekat I know).

I cannot understand this. They use this black sauce for half-boiled egg and chicken rice. OMG?!?! Shock me much to be really honest. Half boiled egg not add soy sauce de meh ?!?! Auntie why you give me orh-tau-yu?!?!? Chicken rice not add soy sauce de meh ?!?! Why is orh-tau-yu one?!?!?!?

Ok, now it reminds me of my horrible experience with Singapore’s Char Kuey Teow. I ranted once on my Dayre, but its ok I repeat again. I ordered “Char Kuey Teow, no taugeh, spicy” and what was served is “Char Kuey Teow Mee, with taugeh, spicy-that-doesnt-taste-like-spicy”.

I was thinking maybe the uncle misheard kuey teow mee instead of kuey teow, I don’t really like to have it mixed, but its ok. I also think that maybe the uncle is so used to have the step off adding taugeh, so nevermind, I pick it out myself. And then when I had my first mouth……………. (insert thunder and lightning thunderstorm effect)


WHAT?!?!?!? They fried with sweet sauce omg ._. Literally 晴天霹靂. That is the only time I ordered Char Kuey Teow in Singapore. If I’m craving for Malaysian version of Char Kuey Teow, always looks for “Penang Char Kuey Teow”. If you go to a random “local” Char Kuey Teow stall, you probably will get the same thing as mine. Sweet one, and fried with noodles ~_~

I have more things to list here. This topic itself can be one blog post already, I shall stop here and have another post just to talk about the food next time.

Second, the language.

Yes, I know Singaporeans’ English is pretty high standard, Malaysian cannot compete la. Not all Malaysian, I do have friends with really really powderful powerful English. But, I would say, in term of fluency in Mandarin, no matter reading writing or speaking, Malaysian is much better.

That’s the truth. If any Singaporean read till here wanna defense, just go ahead lor. I’ve seen a lot of Singaporean who cannot speak proper Mandarin without adding in English word into their sentence. Or they speak Mandarin half way it will auto switch to full English conversation. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. I’ve heard my direct supervisor said that she had A1 for Chinese (not sure in what exam) but they way she speak to us was really quite bad. Coming from someone who said that she scored A1, it’s quite bad.

Singaporeans’ Chinese slang also a bit too……………… 字正腔圓. A bit awkward to speak to them. Their slang are too formal. It’s really like they way the casts speak in dramas. I am a bit stress to talk to them tbh. So during time like this, singapore slang of me is enabled. LOL.

I’ve also realized that most of the Singaporean (around my age, or younger) cannot speak dialects. Cannot speak cannot understand. Well I think this is because they don’t really grow up with these dialects. Maybe only grandparents speak dialect, parents speak English to them, and they don’t see grandparents everyday. No way they can get to listen dialects on TV or radio that’s because the late PM Lee Kuan Yew banned dialects on medias. All the Hokkien and Cantonese dramas that airing in Singapore are all Mandarin dubbed. Even movies that are screen in Singapore, are dubbed, too.

Can you imagine 葉問 (Ip Man) saying “wo yao yi ge da shi ge” (我要一个打十个) instead of “ngor yiu yat gor da sab gor” (我要一个打十个). My god, the feel also not there anymore. THIS IS SO CMI I CANNOT.

Other than all these, now to talk about Singaporean slang. Singapore’s slang is quite…..anyhow. (they also use the word “anyhow” a lot)

They spelled “nyonya” as “nonya“. Errrr???
They spelled “kuih” as “kueh“?? I was taught “kuih” since Standard 1???

They said “agar-ation” instead of “agak agak“??? Ehhhh???? WHATTTTTT

Agak ends with ‘k‘ so where does the ‘r‘ came from?????

How do you use “agaration“?
Ex: I don’t really know how to agak the amount of water to add.
I don’t know how much water to add, my agaration is bad.

Someone asked me, do I have Singapore slang after staying a year here? Tbh, I would say yes. I had mastered the skill of speaking Singlish with Singaporean. My skill only “enabled” when I’m speaking with Singaporean. When I know you’re not Singaporean, my singapore-slang function is auto disabled. LOL. Malaysian is really flexible like this. Speak Taiwan Chinese slang with Taiwan Chinese. Speak China Chinese slang with China Chinese. Lolol XD

Ok next, it’s about the recycle awareness.

When I first came here, I asked my house owner whether do they have this “no plastic on weekend” rule, and my house owner was so shocked and surprised that we have this rule in Malaysia.

Sometimes in Malaysia we only free to do our grocery shopping during the weekend. But whatttt, weekend no plastic leh! We have to keep (and use) our plastic so wisely so that we will have enough plastic for our trash. Sometimes I even purposely pay RM0.20 for the plastic bag because I don’t have enough plastic bag for my tong sampah. Lol.

Not sure whether this happens everywhere in Singapore, or only the supermarket downstairs my block, but they really give out plastic bag as if plastic bag no need money (well, they really don’t charge for plastic bag here). Example, I buy one packet of instant noodle and 1 box of cereal, they gave me 2 plastics. EH?! Why? Cannot put maggi mee and cereal in one plastic bag meh? I also noticed that the plastic bags are non biodegradable (i think, because it didn’t state on the plastic bag)

Not only plastic bags, at hawker center, in Malaysia, if we dabao noodles kind of food, they will put the noodles and soup in the transparent plastic and tie with a string, right? In Singapore, they DON’T use that kind of transparent plastic. They use transparent container instead. The container quality also quite good one, can put in microwave kind of quality leh!

Yes I know the transparent plastic is not good if you put hot soup, but using container isn’t any better. They can get it so easily that they will dabao, eat, throw away the container. I secretly feel so bad about it because I am also one of the person who have to eat and throw away the container. They really use a lot of plastics and polystyrene.


Singapore is so near to Malaysia, so much similarities, at the same time so different from each other. The place, the people, the food, the culture, the lifestyle. Everything is same same but different, and different but same same.

Unlike Malaysia, Singapore is safe and convenient country and I like it. You can walk alone at a quiet road late at night without feeling worrying. You can never feel the same in Malaysia. Their public transport can bring you to anywhere you want. I can never go to where I want by using public transport in Malaysia.

Pretty satisfy with my life here. A lot of friend asked me how long do I plan to work in Singapore. My answer is I don’t know. I’m used to the life like this, and most importantly, I am used to spending SGD. Seriously I don’t think I can go back and earn MYR again. I need more powerful SGD to pay back my PTPTN, to travel, to do everything I want. HAHAHHAHAHHAHA!

#JslywSGlife 1 – Review



關於過生日,以前過高中的時候對生日趴有憧憬。什麼十八歲生日,二十一歲成年生日之類的。每次看到大家PO的生日圖,各種主題的生日趴,各種可愛的杯子蛋糕 翻糖蛋糕,還有大大的數字氣球,可以穿的漂漂亮亮,都會覺得很羨慕。可是好像隨著年齡的增長(?!) 我漸漸地不太習慣一大群人幫我過生日。



如果慶生是在家裡還是公司就算了,如果是在餐廳的話,那會更尷尬。全場的人都會望向你這邊,很不喜歡那種頓時成為人群中的焦點的感覺。(就算想要成為焦點也不是在生日的時候)。當你遇到要拍一堆照片而不讓你趕快吹蠟燭切蛋糕的朋友,那樣真的很尷尬啊 o(>﹏<)o

然後不知道從什麼時候開始,唱完生日歌都會要許三個願望,最後一個願望不能說。這到底是誰規定的啦!既然第一第二個願望要說出來,大家根本不會許自己真的想要的願望。聽過的不都是誰誰誰身體健康學業進步事業進步賺大錢還有世界和平什麼的,根本就不是想要許的願望啊!每個人都許願世界和平 如果願望會實現的話 世界怎麼還是這麼不和平?(無限白眼中)

再來,比起給我生日蛋糕,我更喜歡跟朋友出去吃一餐。每次有朋友送我蛋糕都會讓我帶回家。以前帶過幾個蛋糕回家完全不知道怎麼解決啊!幾個蛋糕我都可以吃一個星期了拜託!我雖然不討厭吃蛋糕,可是吃一個星期的的蛋糕很神經會崩潰啊!所以,以後不要再用蛋糕了啦 真的不需要,吃一餐就好,真的。

關於送禮物也是,有沒有真的沒有關係。不覺得送禮物很麻煩嗎?而且送禮物過後,我會覺得欠了你什麼,要一一還回去,真的挺累的好麼!我記得以前過高中的時候有跟朋友說過,沒事不要給我買禮物,因為別人真的無法猜測你喜歡什麼,也不知道送的東西對你來說實不實用。買到實用的當然很好,不實用的,要丟也不是,收起來也不知道要幹嘛又佔位子!怎麼辦呢?各種尷尬。2016-06-12 18.06.45







Probably the most free-and-easy year in my life I welcomed 2015 by starting my internship and met Grace, Christine, Fam, and Candy. Although I don’t really contact with y’all after I left but I still remember each and every of you. I never delete your phone number in my contact ok!

Next I met one of my favorite Chinese singer 曾沛慈 and manage to take photo with her! Thank you Wenyi for the pass, and I believe your album are still with Danqin? and oh thank you Dan Qin for fetching me here and there! heart emoticon

Traveled to Hokkaido in April after I ended my internship and that was the first “far away overseas” travel after my Taiwan trip in 2010. Japan is great and I hope to travel to Japan again

Attended my convocation in May! Blessed to have the high school mates (Catherine, Jia Wei, Jia Lin, Sophia, Yuh Shen, Chiew Nee) and kpop dongsaengs (Yi Wen, Tiffany, Donny, Xuan, Wee Ven) to attend my convo! Of course not to forget my parents and cousins who traveled from Melaka and Johor to attend my convo and be my photographer of the day! btw, thanks to Dan Qin, i definitely had the most memorable yolo pre-convo day LOLOL

Spent my 22nd birthday in Singapore and that’s the most hectic and tiring birthday in my life.

After that it was a long break and I had went back and forth to KL and Singapore for numerous times for job interviews. I went KL and Singapore almost every month and constantly meet up with friends. Thank you Sherry for welcoming me to stay with you for a week despite having a single bed lololol i’m sorry but I love you k (and i’m still amazed that we can actually become “quite ok de friend” irl after knowing each other on the web for few years LOL) and thank you Charmaine for helping to carry the pillows and bolster when I first came to Singapore! HAHAHAHA and also always bringing me out (although sometimes you went the wrong direction)

So many wonderful things happened in 2015. Wan Wei, Wei Wen, Lucas, Celene, Vicky, Carmen, Celia, Gladys, Joyce, Shi Ting… and the list goes on. You may not be in the picture not your name is not listed, but I’m really blessed to have all these people in my life to make my 2015 a really wonderful one. 




In my previous entry(新鮮人求職奮鬥記)I’d mentioned that two companies that I went for interview in KL actually shortlisted me, but I rejected the offers from both the companies. Why?

The two companies were Invention Marketing Group and Pacific Asiawide Group.

Invention Marketing Group
Level 24. 24 01-02, Wisma Goldhill,
Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur,

Pacific Asiawide Group
Suite 9-2nd Floor,
The Boulevard Building of Offices,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

I saw their posts on Jobstreet saying that they’re looking for vacancies for “Event Executive (Marketing Department)”, thinking that the job scope wouldn’t be much different from what I learned in class and what I did during internship, so I decided to give it a try and applied through Jobstreet, They replied me in a few days and asked me to go for an interview. That was the reason why I went all the way to KL in the beginning of September. Some people probably saw me in uni during that time.

So yeap, the first interview I went was with Invention. I remembered it was a Tuesday. The interview was just simple, and short. It was literally SIMPLE AND SHORT, probably just 5 minutes. Basically the interviewer just asked me about what I studied and my experiences in planning and organizing events. That’s all. She told me that her supervisor was not around and informed me to go for another around of interview on Thursday, morning, 8am. Heck, I was staying at Sunway area and you asked me to reach your office in KL at 8am. THUMB DOWN >__>

I went Midvalley for an interview with Pacific Asiawide. The staff showed me their company magazine while I was waiting for my turn. I realized that their company magazine was kind of similar with Invention’s. So I thought, maybe they’re two companies under one big organisation. Same as what happened in Invention, the interviewer just asked me about what I studied and my experiences, and asked me to go for another round of interview, too, on Friday.

I woke up at 6am and reached the office around 7.45am omg ~__~ Walau damn early ok. I joined their “morning meeting”, it was, very energetic, and encouraging. After the “morning meeting”, the lady who interviewed me two days ago explained to me about the entire company, in depth. From how the company established to what were each and every of the staffs in the office doing right . at . that . moment. It might sounds like a joke, but, this around of “explanation” took around 3 hours. YES, 3 HOURS.

I went to Pacific again this morning. Oh by the way, I received call from Invention when I was on my way to Pacific, saying that I was shortlisted for the position, but anyway I still went for the second interview with Pacific. So one of the staff from Pacific started explained to me how the company works. It is actually the exact same thing as Invention. Both of the companies are under the same organisation, doing the same thing. The only different thing is the company name. But I have to say that the staff in Invention has a better explanation skill, lol. I wouldn’t understand a single thing if I didn’t go to Invention a day earlier. The explanation skill of the staff from Pacific was pure bad. I wouldn’t say I speak English fluently but hers was worse. She can’t even understand what I was trying to ask (have to buat tak tau a bit ma) even when I talked to her in Mandarin. Not sure if my speaking skill is bad, or her understanding skill -.- So after her super-content-less explanation, her supervisor accept me directly, on the spot.

Why I rejected both companies
I only really got to know what is this company doing when Invention explained to me. Not sure if any of you heard about it, but Invention AND Pacific are companies under APPCO. Appco is more to a direct sales kind of organisation. Their clients are mostly NGOs, banks, and telco companies. Basically the staffs in the companies are doing direct sales, not “event executive” as it mentioned. They go to a place, set up a booth, and start approaching people. Sometimes in a mall, sometimes in front of a bank, sometimes door-to-door.

This is not the job that I want. “Event executive” sounds glorious, but what you do is nothing different from “salesman”. I think anyone who graduate from secondary school can work as a salesman/saleswoman. Besides, there is no basic salary given. It is a 100% performance based job, which means, if I didn’t get any in sales that week, for the whole week I have to eat grass. (Yep, they pay on weekly basis).

I think 100% performance job is quite risky. But that is not the main reason I rejected both companies. The main reason why I rejected is because these companies does not provide SOCSO (Social Security Organisation) and EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund). I believe everyone (well, at least everyone in Malaysia) knows the importance of SOCSO and EPF I don’t think I have to elaborate on this part la hor?

I see they are constantly looking for vacancies, always looking for immediate starter, I guess this shows that their staffs come and go fast. I believe one of the reason most people joined the company without knowing more is because the companies use “travel opportunity” to attract fresh grads, they basically “brain washed” you with the “advantages” of joining the company. (That’s why the explanation took 3 hours) Besides, the figures that they showed you (when they were calculating around how much you can earn in a month) is really, not bad. Around RM2.5k and above depends on how many sales you get.

There were comments on forums saying that Appco (and all the companies under Appco across the world) is a fraud or scam. Click 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 for more.  I won’t say it is a bad company. I won’t say it is a scam la, if you understand their job scope, and if you’re happy with it, just go ahead. If you’re really good in doing sales, then you can probably earn a lot.

As desperate (lol) as I want to get a job outside hometown, as much as I want to leave home, I still turned down the job offered. Don’t accept right away when any company accepted you. Always keep in mind that it is not just the company who choose us, we have the right to choose company that suit us too.


Unpleasant experience at SG Checkpoint


So this is my first English post in here. Although I seldom blog in English, but I thought even when I do, it will at least it would be a memorable post, but I didn’t expect it to be “memorable” in this way. Warning, this is a long ass not that long word post with no photos. I will try my best to avoid vulgar words LOL.

I went to Singapore two days ago, my mood was really good until I encountered a rude behavior by the immigration officer. I was at Woodlands Checkpoint queuing at the “All Passport” lane waiting for my turn to get my passport scanned and stamped to come back to Malaysia.

The situation was like this. It was my turn so I went in front of the counter when the transparent auto-gate was opened, and then I passed to the officer my passport. However, this female officer reopened the auto-gate and asked me to go outside the gate and read what was written on the white notice board. It was written “remove passport cover.” (not so short but in a formal and polite way).

I understand that it was my fault for not removing my passport cover but all these while, so many times I had been to Singapore, so many times I had passed by the custom counter, none of the immigration officers had asked me to remove my passport and there were no problem scanning my passport, so I thought it was okay, the thin transparent passport cover does not affect the scanning. Besides that, my aunt was queuing in front me of at the same lane, however, this female officer was really polite to my aunt and did not asked her to remove her passport cover.

This female officer then started lecturing me (when there were so many people queuing). She said “have you read what was written on it?” and I said “yes.” And she said “And then? Why are you not looking at me when I am talking to you?” Erm? Hello? What should I do when she was holding my passport and asked “and then?”. Please advice me.

I know I was at fault for not removing my passport cover at the beginning, but, I believe there is a more polite and better way to tell me to remove it next time. I wouldn’t mind even if she ask me to remove on the spot, but in a polite way. Asking me to go out of the gate to read the notice and asked me “and then?”, it was so rude.

What made me felt angry the most was what she said later. She said “You are at fault but why you started showing face. If you are not happy with me, please write in!” Yes, she said PLEASE WRITE IN. I didn’t really bother to layan her until she said that. So I really write in a complain letter about her #sorrynotsorry

Wait, that is not the end, yet. Next, instead of checking identity by saying “Jessica?” (they called name to check how fast you react to the name to check if you fake your identity or not), she looked at my passport and asked “what is your name?” She continued mumbling and finally stamped on my passport. Before I went out from another side of the gate, she raised her voice and said “It is not because you are young that’s why I am scolding you! Wah! ONE NINE NINE THREE!” Yeap, she addressed me as “one nine nine three”.

Do I look like I don’t have a name? How rude is it for an immigration officer to address a foreigner/tourist by their year of birth? (i mean how can they NOT address them by name?) Even though sometimes the other officers might not smile at us, but at least they showed their professionalism. They don’t simply raise their voice to others. I seriously have not encounter any officers acting as rude as her.

This female officer probably was on her PMS (i guess) and don’t understand that I was pissed not because I think I was not at fault, but her rude attitude. I think the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) should beware of the words their officers are using in an immigration counter. A person working in an immigration should also understand that they are not representing themselves as an individual, but a country. Immigration officers are the first person you see when you enter a country. They have to be polite for foreigners/tourists to have a good impression towards (nationality).

Unpleasant experience at SG Checkpoint